June 2017

In June VINCI St. Modwen hosted a screening of Memories of the Market at Wandsworth’s LOST Theatre, a film exploring the past and future of the Market that has fed and flowered London for centuries.

The Market has called Wandsworth its home since 1974 after it moved from its original Covent Garden site. Since then, it has become part of the community, creating jobs, trade and even art in the area. 

New Covent Garden Market is currently secured behind walls at its home in Nine Elms, but it was opened up to the community to view in this one-night event at the theatre as part of the London Festival of Architecture. The screening consisted of a collection of short films made by local film-makers Chocolate Films, who have been following the development of the Market for over a year. With exclusive interviews and insights into the lives of the traders, architects and even photographers who work there, the film exposes the Market in ways never seen before.

The introduction to the evening was complimentary fresh fruits and fruit drinks from the Market itself to welcome the audience outside the theatre, accompanied by the floral delights of florist Mary Jane Vaughan who designed a canopy that adorned the entrance.

The stairwell of the theatre was bedecked with oranges and carrots, arranged by the Market’s own Sophie Hanna who also created the archway that the audience walked under to enter the auditorium. Venetia Norris’s Market-inspired art, which features in the film collections, hung along the corridors as guests filed in. The processes behind these installations then came to life in the 40-minute film, which explored the characters, products and artists involved in the Market.  

The London Festival of Architecture coincided with a time to celebrate as the new Flower Market opened in April and the new Food Exchange begins to take shape. The jubilant atmosphere drew in passers by, who happily shared memories of their time at the Market, or their relatives who had worked there, or their experience as a customer. A local businessman delivering his products to the theatre stopped to talk about his love of the Market in Covent Garden, and was invited in to the screening to see how it has developed. 

Interest in the event indicated that New Covent Garden Market has clearly made an impression not only on those who work inside it, but those that live around it too. What are your memories of the Market? Get in touch and share these with us at   

The screening was funded by VINCI St. Modwen in partnership with the Covent Garden Market Authority. The film was also screened at the Open Day at the Market on June 28th which was open to traders and businesses interested in working with the Market and more screenings are planned check out Members of the public can also visit the Market from 8:30am to 10am by booking a tour here: