June 2018

12:00 - 18:00 Wednesday 6 June 2018 @ Food Exchange, New Covent Garden Market 

Join us at the Food Exchange, New Covent Garden Market, for an exhibition of market photography through the years and a panel discussion on how markets are shaping London’s identity.

VINCI St. Modwen, in partnership with Covent Garden Market Authority, is celebrating the opening of the Food Exchange: a workspace, kitchen space and food culture venue for everyone and everything to do with food. It forms the first chapter of London's Food Quarter - a vibrant food industry campus and a serious food destination - New Covent Garden Market will become to food what Old Street is to tech.

An exhibition of market photographer Clive Boursnell's images chronicling its history over fifty years will set the scene for panel discussions looking forward, which include Covent Garden Market Authority, VINCI St. Modwen and Joe Watson, Creative Director at National Trust London, along with other influencers in the food, regeneration and architectural industries. Themes will cover: how markets create communities; how they influence London's identity; and the practicalities of designing and delivering the structures themselves.

To bring the vision to life, companies linked to New Covent Garden Market will share their products with attendees. To further involve our audience in the discussion, we will ask: "What do markets mean to you?" and collect responses which will evolve over the course of the event into a collage of perspectives on the places where we bond, browse and buy.

Come along on 6 June from 12:00 noon onwards to see the exhibition, accompanied by fantastic views of the Nine Elms area. The evening slot with panel discussion starts at 6:00pm.